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I'm really thinking about getting a differnt blog host for my makeup journal. I like LJ, sure, but I don't find the interface user-friendly. For my personal blog, quetzal_zotz , I'm going to keep LJ, but I'm thinking of going to Blogspot for makeup.
I'll keep you updated

Valentine’s Haul

 Happy post-valentines, Month of Parmuti, Lupercalia, and other February 14 holidays to all of you!

I went to Square One Saturday with Elise and my parents. HOSHIT! I had so much fun. I mean, I didn’t look like I had a lot of fun, but I did. I was a little angsty that I couldn’t find a floor length plus-size gown. It’s too bad the one that I was madly in love with was only an 18, not a 22. Oh well, I got a nice one, periwinkle with black lace. It’s not floor length, but it’s radically different than what I usually wear, which is what I wanted.
We went to the MAC Store for the hello kitty launch, and my debit card got denied because I was out of town>.<
No matter, my parents picked up the tab, and now my account is tied in with theirs until everything is paid off.

Of course, you didn’t come here to read about my denied card, or my new dress. You’re here because I have a huge makeup haul to review.
 This is the hello kitty brush set, with three brushes. Oh my god, is it cute. And big! I have all my brushes in it, and they all fit. It's much cuter than my brush roll.

 These are the three brushes that came with the brush set. There is the 187, 109 and 239. They all have "Hello Kitty' printed on them. I now have two 187s.

 This is the leather Hello Kitty Doll. She's so huggable...

...as seen here

 I love this little brush. It's an eye liner brush, with a kink in it! It works really well. It's from benefit.

 I LOVE the Bad Gal mascara's from Benefit. I prefer them to MAC. I have all three, black, blue and plum.

 I had been hunting this colour for a while. Now, I finally have it. I can't wait to play with it<3
 This is a travel pallet from Urban Decay. Its ten colours, and a mini bottle of Primer Potion

 Yay for mini things!

 These are the ten colours in the pallet. I like Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Flash, Oil Slikc, VZI, and Kiddie Pool
 We got this free bag when we bought something from the hello kitty collection. It's so nice, and plastic.

Nice To Be Nice Lipglass. It's pretty sheer, so it doesn't turn up *that* orange

Nice Kitty Lipglass. This has a nice blue in it. It goes with teh Big Bow lipstick

Fast Friends Lipglass. Its so shiny! It goes with the Fashion Mews lipstick

Big Bow Lipstick. It goes with the Nice to be Nice Lipglass

Fashion Mews lipstick. It goes with the Fast Friends lipglass
 Glitter eye liners. I love these! Girl Groove turns blue in light, and Her glitz looks like melted chocolate
 Urban Decay Sting eyeshadow.


Centerpiece: Cyber

Today, I randomly pulled a colour from my traincase. It was Cyber lipstick.


-          Kirkland Lip Brush (MAC 231)

-          Kirkland Liner Brush (MAC 210)

-          Kirkland Powder Brush (MAC 181)

-          Royal Soft Grip SG150

-          Benefit Get Bent Liner Brush

-          Urban Decay Mini Brush (From the Sustainable Eyeshadow Box set)

-          Quo Eye Smudger Brush

-          Quo Crease Shadow Brush

-          Quo Definer Shadow Brush

-          MAC 219

-          MAC 212

-          MAC 168

-          MAC 239



-          Studio Fix Powder-NC30

-          Prism Blush

-          Browning Brow Shader

-          Crystal Avalanche Eye Shadow

-          Beauty Marked Eye Shadow

-          Satellite Dreams Eye Shadow

-          Beautiful Iris Eye Shadow

-          Cream O’ Spice Lip Liner

-          MAC Zoomblack Mascara

-          Desire lip Glass

-          Cyber Lipstick

-          Urban Decay Primer Potion


Makeup Story, Part One

By the age of eight, I wanted to be a Goth. I knew back then I would become a stereotype. I also knew I would require makeup.

The first time I used makeup was at the age of twelve. It was for an eighth-grade presentation. We had to be a celebrity, dress up like one, and give a report on said celebrity. I hoodwinked my mother into getting me an almost flesh-toned eye shadow. I adored it. I started collecting cheap, drugstore and “children’s” makeup. It was nearly transparent, faded easily and made me look like a child who got into her mother’s bedside table.

Ridiculed, cast out and abandoned by many of my schoolmates, I vowed high school would be different. Laurelwood Public School had been Hell, literally. I was happy to leave.

Of course, Sir John A Macdonald Secondary wasn’t built on time. We were a week delayed, and half-days for almost a month.

School began. I made new friends, barely passed French, and had my first high school crush. I had begun to do research into local Goth and alt stores. There were two. My father agreed to take me on a Saturday.

The first, The Other Five Toes, housed everything I could ever want, including a Goth Kit, which I purchased. It had the white face powder, white cover-up, white lipstick, and black nail polish. I was set. I began building my collection of chains, black clothing and Marilyn Manson.

My makeup skills were weak, and often I looked like, in the words of my cousin, “a fucking clown”.

The second, Delirium, had clothing I liked, but it didn’t run in my size. I got many accessories there, such as my bat and coffin purses.

Over the months, my skills improved. Slightly. Still, I was an amateur.

In grade eleven, I ceased wearing white face powder to school. I retained it for special occasions, and when I was to visit my father’s family. My skills in makeup were weak, and I regularly looked like a raccoon. However, I had found a passion. I liked makeup. I liked playing with it. Playing was the right word, I didn’t have the skill to be considered anything other than a child finger-painting. I still tired to get better. Gradually, I improved.

To this day, I still consider myself an amateur.

Makeup application is a skill. An art form, taking years of practise, honing and passion. You need talent, of course. But you can learn proper techniques. You don’t have to be an artist to be a makeup artist. You have to identify weaknesses, and strengths. Personally, I have a hard time getting things symmetrical, ultra-thin eyeliner application, and blending. My strengths are colour theory, and lip colour application-especially with a brush.

It’s all a matter of learning the proper techniques, practising them on yourself and others, and experimenting.

With makeup, you can’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can’t be afraid to try new things. You can’t be afraid.

Yes, you will fuck up. And yes, you will hate a good chunk of your work, hours, days, years down the road. Without the hate, you can’t improve. I used to apply eye liner in thick, harsh, black lines under my lashes. It was half an inch wide, easily. I realized I wanted to have thinner liner. I tried putting it on my waterline. It stung, and felt weird, but I got used to it. Now, on my bottom waterline, I can line with ease. It took almost a year to master, but now I don’t hate my bottom liner.

The internet is probably the best tool. From here, you can access every cosmetics company, download face charts and model-images of makeup. YouTube has a huge selection of makeup related videos for you to watch, and a simple Google search for “makeup blog” will bring you hundreds of hits. Reviews, FOTDs (Face Of The Day), tutorials, everything.

I learned so much from these bloggers

Makeup is an art. A passion. A skill.

Face Charts

I've grown tired of experiementing with makeup on myself, there are only so many times you can try something on your face before you want to claw your eyes out. So, I've got face charts. I downloaded the MAC face chart, yay for google, and printed it out on heavy card stock. It's not the best paper, but it makes it really easy to blend.

I need to start making lists for things I need, now that we've got everything ready for my room overhaul in about a month.

Golden Fire makeup video

- Kirkland Buffer (MAC 181)
- Kirkland Angled Brush (MAC 272)
- Royal Soft Grip SG 250
- Quo Eye Smudger Brush
- Quo Definer Shadow Brush (One regular size and one travel size)
- Quo Liner/Brow Brush
- Quo Crease Shadow Brush
- MAC 168
- MAC NC30 Studio Fix Powder
- MAC NC20 Studio Stick Concealer
- MAC Bare Canvas Paint
- MAC Crystal Avalanche Eye Shadow
- MAC Goldmine Eye Shadow
- MAC Star Violet Eye Shadow
- MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
- MAC Browning Brow Shader- Discontinued:(
- MAC Zoom Black Zoomlash
- MAC Breezy Blush
- MAC Cream O'Spice Creamstick Liner
- MAC Fresh Moroccan Lipstick
Browning=A light matte brown, like Charcoal Brown

Personal Colour Theory and Life Updates

I hate makeup artists and makeup dabblers that feel certain people can't wear certain colours. I have friends that say they would never be caught dead in (insert colour here) because they think it'll make them look bad. This is different from not wearing colours you just don't like, which is totally understandable. But, let's say your favorite eye shadow of all time is Tilt, by MAC. Every time you're at MAC, you make your way to the eye shadows and look at Tilt from all angles. But, you won't buy it because you think the colour is going to look bad on you. It's too shimmery. The green undertones will give you a sallow tone. Whatever your excuse...
Some of my favorite eyeshadows were bought on impluse. I shopped "off the list", as it were. Not once have I ever discriminated against a colour because I thought it would look bad on me. That being said, I have yet to find a colour that looks bad on me. I never go into the game thinking that (insert colour here) is going to make me look bad.
Maybe that's why we can't find a colour that looks bad on me.
Some people think that there are certain colours you should only wear. Some believe that the only colours that look good on everyone are neutrals. I believe anyone can rock any colour; lips, eyes or cheeks.
But, that's just my own theory. I know lots of people disagree with me.

My parents have finally approved Gina's college for me, and are actually excited about me attending. My aunt (my closest relative next to my parents) thinks my makeup craze is a phase, like the LOTR fixation, or the current Star Trek obsession. She thinks makeup is illogical and impractical, and expensive.
I don't listen to her much anyway.

What Makeup Is...

I was chatting with a good friend of mine, and I told him I was going to be a makeup artist. He said that was cool, and but asked me why I liked makeup. The conversation is thus:

Malcolm: You're a feminist, aren't you? I mean, doesn't makeup go against feminism?
Me: So do bras, but that doesn't stop me from wearing them.
Malcolm: No, seriously, why do you-a feminist-like makeup so much?
Me: First off, I don't believe makeup is a requirement for beauty. It's a fashion product, not a beauty product. In the past, tribal humans wore body paint to signify marriage, war, death, births, everything.
Malcolm: Yeah, but we aren't tribal anymore. Makeup is for women, and only women.
Me: LOL! Men can wear makeup, they used to! Only recently it was considered "gay" for men to wear makeup. Diya want a make-over Malcom?
Malcolm: No, not really...So, why else do you like makeup?
Me: Makeup is something you can change every day. Hair and clothes, you can change them, modify them, but for the most part, they are the same. Makeup, even if you do the same look every day, there are small differences, because humans aren't machines, and we'll make imperfections.
Malcolm: Most people do the same thing every day though. I don't think my mom has changed her makeup rutine since I was born.
Me: I know, its because they feel safe with that. I believe anyone can wear any colour, as long as they have the confidance to back it up.  Makeup need not be boring!
Malcolm: lol
Me: Honestly, women don't want to go out of thier comfort zone. To me, makeup is like an experiment. This colour comination does this, and that combination does that. There are endless possibiltes, and the more I discover, the better.
Malcolm: And, that's why you're not afraid to wear neon, oh, blue eyeshadow and purple lipstick?
Me: Exactly!

Song Look: Mechanical Animals

This is a look inspired by the Marilyn Manson song, Mechanical Animals.

- Kirkland Angled blush brush (MAC 168)
- Kirkland foundation brush (MAC 189)
- Kirkland Itty-Bitty pencil brush (MAC 210)
- Kirkland Angle Eye Brush (MAC 272)
- Royal SG 150
- Royal SG 155
- Royal SG 250
- Quo Definer Shadow
- Quo Crease Shadow
- Quo Liner/Brow
- Quo Blush
- MAC 275
- MAC 219

- MAC Silverstoke Fluidline (LE)
- MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
- MAC Ambiance Eye Shadow (LE)
- MAC Black Tied Eye Shadow
- MAC Electra Eye Shadow
- MAC Harmony Blush
- MAC NC20 Select Cover Up
- MAC Zoomblack Zoomlash
- Gosh Silver Magic Mascara
- MAC Myth Lipstick
- MAC Underage Lipglass

Silverstroke= Platinum Gel Liner from Coastal Scents

Song Look: Dock Of The Bay

This is my mom's favorite song, so when I did the Fire and Ice, I asked her if she wanted her makeup done to one of her favorite songs. She said okay, and asked me to do a song inspired by Dock of the Bay. It's very smokey and stormy.

Introducing my mom!

- Kirkland Angled face brush (MAC 168)
- Kirkland Angled eye brush (MAC 272)
- Quo Blush Brush
- Quo Face Countour brush
- Quo Crease Shadow Brush
- MAC 181 (182 works too)
- MAC 219
- MAC 242
- MAC 275
- MAC 266
- MAC 190

- MAC Prep and Prime Face
- MAC NC20 Select Tint
- MAC Medium Mineralize Foundation/Loose
- MAC Light Mineralize Skinfinish
- MAC Plushblack Plushlash
- MAC Strada Blush
- MAC Deep Truth Eye Shadow
- MAC Sweet Joy Eye Shadow (LE)
- MAC Ambiance Eye Shadow (LE)
- MAC Bare Canvas Paint
- MAC Electra Eye Shadow
- MAC Embark Eye Shadow
- MAC Contrast Eye Shadow
- MAC Harmony Blush
- MAC Subculture Lip Pencil
- MAC Astral Lipstick (LE)
- MAC Naked Frost Lipglass (LE)

Sweet Joy= Amber Lights INCREDIBLY LIGHTLY
Astral= O
Naked Frost= Mad Cap